Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Where does the event take place?

    The event takes place in Soho London, but not as you know it. We go back in time and visit virtual 80s soho from the comfort of our homes. Or wherever your device takes you, if it’s sunny, why not tune in from the garden or the park….

  • When is the event?

    The event takes place Saturday 15th May. That last weekend in the UK before the bars fully reopen. It’s one last virtual night out! ūüíÉ

    The event begins at 7.00pm(GMT) with live entertainment for 2.5hours, the event then continues with pre-recorded content.

  • What should I wear?

    This is an 80s themed event so we encourage getting dressed up in whacky 80s attire. But hey let’s face it, we’re all still in lockdown mode, and a soho night out in our pjs does sound pretty awesome right?

    Also don’t forget, as it’s virtual, we can use some whacky webcam filters. There’s some great ones to be found at: Snapcamera¬†

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    Yes. Expect the same kind of fun and frolics you would on your usually jaunt down Old Compton Street on a Saturday night. Expect raunchy entertainment, a few bits of French and lots of fun! 18+ only. 

  • Can I bring a plus one?

    Absolutely, the more the merrier! Keeping to government guidelines, your bubble and the rules of six of course.

    For a really immersed experience, we suggest connecting your laptop to your tv and surround sound, so the party takes over your lounge!

  • How much does it cost?

    Tickets are £5 plus a £0.98 processing fee.

  • How much of my ticket cost goes to National AIDS Trust?

    The entire £5 goes to the charity. The £0.98 ticket processing fee goes directly to Eventbrite.

    There will be extra opportunities to donate at the event.

  • Can you tell me more about the charity?

    The event is raising funds for the National AIDS Trust. This UK charity provides vital support to those living with HIV and works tirelessly to help prevent the disease. You can find more information on their website here: National AIDS Trust

    We will also have a room at the event to showcase some of the vital work the charity are undertaking.

  • Are tickets refundable?

    Absolutely, we understand that plans can change particularly as covid regulations do, so the £5 ticket fee for this event is entirely refundable. The £0.98 ticket processing fee is not and is kept by Eventbrite.

  • What can I expect at the event?

    Expect to enter a virtual world through your web browser. Once you’ve arrived, explore our map of 80s Soho, click into it’s iconic venues and enjoy live entertainment in each of them.

    The venues will run simultaneously, so you can dip in and out of them as and when you please depending on which entertainers you’re enjoying the most.

    There will be 2 – 2.5 hours of entertainment in each venue. Entertainment will be 80s themed, but varied. Expect, musicians, dancers, comedians, and drag queens galore!

    In some of the venues you’ll simply be spectating, and others will be more immersive, such as the the venue hosting our bad dancing competition.

    After the live entertainment has finished we will be leaving some of the venues open with prerecorded entertainment so that you can continue the frolics and dance the night away.

  • How many venues will there be?

    There will be a minimum of 3 iconic venues live at any one time. And this is likely to increase as the tickets sales do, as on our typical nights out, we don’t want overcrowded venues, like wise, an empty venue ain’t so fun either.

  • How many performers will there be?

    There will be a minimum of 4 performances per venue. However we do have a few bands, so expect a few more performers. The average set duration for all performances will be 20-30 minutes.

  • Who is performing?

    You can expect a variety of performers. From dancing, to comedy, to drag.

    All performers are well versed with performing at virtual events and we’ve some pretty recognisable names on the schedule.

    We have Prides Got Talent finalists and winners. We’ve 80s Party hosts. We’ve stand up comedians from the London Comedy scene and we’ve some iconic soho drag queens.

    We’ve some really big names to drop, all to be revealed soon…..

  • Where will I find updates?

    Over the coming weeks we will be releasing lot’s of updates, including; performer announcements, visuals of our virtual map and details of the featured iconic LGBTQ+ venues.

    All updates will be published on our Instagram page here: It Was A Sin Instagram

  • How do I access the event/platform?

    The event is accessed through a web browser. We will send you an access link by email a couple of days prior to the event, so that you can create an account and login.

  • What devices are compatible?

    The event is best experienced through a laptop or PC. It is not optimised for tablets, however will work. Unfortunately mobile phones will not, the screen is just too small.

  • Are all web browsers compatible?

    For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.

  • Is my internet strong enough?

    As long as you are connected to a wifi network you should be fine. 5G with strong signal will also work. Basically if your internet works fine for all those Zoom calls we’ve been having over lockdown, it will be fine for this event.

  • Are there any other technical requirements?

    Yes. Some of the venues are embedded directly into our virtual map, whereas others open up into a pop out Zoom Tab. So please have Zoom downloaded. It also makes sense to have a web cam, so that you can interact in the more immersive venues.

    So basically as long as you have a laptop, reliable internet, google Chrome and Zoom downloaded, all will work perfectly.

    That’s all bases covered, but we will send you some more detailed instructions closer to the event.